Our Pipeline

TB diagnostics

We are currently establishing a diagnostic to detect tuberculosis (TB) disease stage in small volume blood samples from pediatric patients using an antibody-based assay. One-third of the world’s population has TB infection and children account for approximately 10% of the total TB burden. Since there are currently no non–sputum-based diagnostics specific for childhood TB diagnosis, the need for such a tool is extremely high.

PET diagnostics

We are currently establishing a diagnostic that can detect deep seated bacterial infection thus improving the diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as osteomyelitis, infective endocarditis and indwelling device infections which are a major cause of morbidity and financial costs. Prosthetic joint infections (PJI) are responsible for over half of all nosocomial infections, with an incidence of ~1 million cases per year in the United States. It is estimated that infection will occur in 1-2% of hip and knee replacements.

PROPRIETARY Quantitative pharmacodynamic models

We have several proprietary discovery platforms, which leverage the deep fundamental and industrial drug discovery experience of its founders, to enable the identification and development of potent, highly selective agents.

To increase therapeutic window, programs in the Chronus portfolio optimize for both target potency and enhanced target:inhibitor binding kinetics to ensure that sufficient and durable target engagement is achieved at low drug exposures.

Chronus has developed proprietary mechanistic pharmacodynamic models that incorporate kinetic binding parameters to enable informed lead and candidate selection and optimal dosing regimen predictions.


We are available to discuss licensing opportunities including use of our platform technologies for your application.